Writing During the Holiday Season

Writing During the Holiday Season

First and foremost, to my American followers, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving this past Thursday.  As the holiday season descends for all of us, I want to wish everyone a happy holiday season.  With that being said, I want to take the time to talk about not falling into what I call the… Continue reading Writing During the Holiday Season

Copyrights – What they are and the Do’s and don’ts

Copyrights – What they are and the Do’s and Don’ts

A while back I did a blog on plagiarism and the value of a copyrighting your work.  As pertaining to writing, the copyright is intended to cover the intellectual property of the author and protect their right to distribute their work.  Each country is different, but in the United States, the cost is $35 and… Continue reading Copyrights – What they are and the Do’s and Don’ts

Why Fonts and Formatting Matters

Why Fonts and Formatting Matters…

Picture this, you have published your brand-new book.  You see your dashboard stats jump on the magic sales page on KDP or on the stats page of the publisher of your choice.  Then you see the reviews.  “Looks like it might have been a nice story but couldn’t finish it due to mistakes. Too hard… Continue reading Why Fonts and Formatting Matters…

Handling sensitive subjects in writing

Handling sensitive subjects in writing…

I am of the personal belief, that no matter the genre, authors are going to confront sensitive topics when writing.  Characters like people are complex and are going to experience challenges during the course of a novel.  A good novel is going to be complex in its plot lines and character development. A bit of… Continue reading Handling sensitive subjects in writing…