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The Slow Trickle…

I was going through my inbox the other day to clean out my emails when I noticed I was deleting several messages promising to make me the next self-publishing millionaire. Just out of curiosity, how many of you out of there are on these lists?  A few years ago, when I was getting ready to… Continue reading The Slow Trickle…

Converting Scrivener files to Vellum

Converting Scrivener files to Vellum…

Scrivener and Vellum are both software tools used to convert Word files to e-books.  Of the two tools, Scrivener is the cheapest at $49, $41 if you are a teacher or can prove that you are a researcher.  Vellum costs anywhere from $199 to $249.  The cheaper option produces only e-books, the extra cost provides… Continue reading Converting Scrivener files to Vellum…

the art of storytelling
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Back to basics: The Art of Storytelling…

Traditional authors, independent writers – we’re all doing the same thing, regardless of genre.  We’re telling a story that we made up.  The question is how do we make the story appealing for readers?  For myself, a good story takes me out of my environment and into the character’s world.  What makes a great story… Continue reading Back to basics: The Art of Storytelling…

There’s no such thing as bad publicity is there?
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There’s no such thing as bad publicity…is there?

There is no such thing as bad publicity.  Ever wonder where this quote comes from?  If you’re familiar with The Greatest Showman, you might know that quote is attributed to PT Barnum, from the Barnum and Bailey Circus fame.  PT Barnum built an empire on sensationalism and exploitation.  He knew the value of marketing and… Continue reading There’s no such thing as bad publicity…is there?

Goodreads and why aren’t you using it
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Goodreads and why aren’t you using it?

When I published by first book, I didn’t think too much about Goodreads.  If you’re not familiar with it, Goodreads is a social media platform specially created for readers and writers. Created in 2007, it started as a way for people to get reviews from friends instead of relying on the reviews from traditional reviewer. … Continue reading Goodreads and why aren’t you using it?